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    Mar. 13, 2015 admin 14 Comments

    It is hard to believe that so many contractors are still using big box stores for their plan and blueprint needs. The time, the hassle, and the expense can all be fixed by using buckaplan. Buckaplan offers same day printing for $1 plus shipping. It’s simple, easy, and no complex fees. Alway $1 per plan!

    Many contractors are using big box stores for all their printing services. Contractors have a busy job, and time is money. Lets look how a big box store and buckaplan compare. Let’s call the store Paperclips, for a contractor to get printing done at Paperclips they need to drive to their local store, wait for service and printing, and then pay almost $8 for a 36×48 size plan. Plans must be picked up at their local store, no matter the size or amount. This service will take time and money out of a contractors day, time they probably do not have.

    With buckaplan you can send your plans online and have them shipped next day for $1 (plus shipping) a plan. You can do this on the road, on the job site, or from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to drive to a store or wait for your printing.

    Here is a rundown on plan costs using a big box store that we have renamed Paperclips:

    Blueprint costs




    When using buckaplan, not only are you eliminating the drive to a big box company for prints, but you are also saving money. Time is precious and buckaplan offers an easier, more convenient, and more affordable way to receive the prints you need for your clients.

    When you use buckaplan your plans will always arrive safely, packaged in a UPS mailing tube, next day. Plans can also be sent directly to your client which will also eliminate the need for you to deliver or make yet another trip to the post office.

    Simple, easy no complex fees, $1 per plan.

14 Responses

Rose Henderson 2015-04-07

This price is amazing! Just $1 for a plan to be printed? I might need to share this with my boss. We’ve been trying to find various options for blueprint printing recently and this looks perfect.

Anthony Welspom 2015-05-15

I need someone from your Business to call me and verify the posting of this Ad. I am paying out of my A$$ for Blue print Copying and delivery to my Subs and inter-office personnel.
If you guys can save me money. Count me in…….!

Karen Monzone 2019-02-15

Is this $1 for a full set of plans or $1 per each page of a plan set.

Shawn Donovan 2019-02-18

$1 per page. Please indicate how many pages are in each pdf uploaded.

Dylan 2019-06-27

Do you bind them as well I have a need for 140 pages printed

Shawn Donovan 2019-06-27

Binding is a complimentary service.

Darnelle Cain 2019-09-07

I’m a student in Toronto. Can you service me?

Shawn Donovan 2019-09-10

Thanks for considering us, Darnelle. Unfortunately, we’re only positioned for U.S. sales and delivery.

Ron graham 2020-03-03

We have a red “wet stamp” from the County that needs to be on each page. How much extra…$1?

Shawn Donovan 2020-03-03

We can do this for you. Please call us to discuss. Thanks.

Sidney Norledge 2021-01-10

Are you able/willing to print large format sewing patterns? I know a number of sewing patterns are sold online as PDFs in A0 size and are typically 2 pages.

Shawn Donovan 2021-01-13

We can print standard sizes up to 36×48″ in black and white. Give us a call if you need more information. Thanks.

Steve 2021-03-28

Can you share the shipping cost for plans to Oxford Mississippi?

Shawn Donovan 2021-03-30

Hello, Steve. Shipping will be calculated at checkout when you place an order depending on your shipping selection and the number of prints being shipped. UPS Ground to your location requires a four business day transit time.

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