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    Just $1 for Next-Day Electronic Plans, Drawings and Documents
    WATERBURY, CT (November 2012) — From the smallest boutique architectural firm to the largest plumbing contractor, real estate and construction-related businesses of all sizes and types need multiple copies of plans and documents along the way.
    But today’s tough competition and bare-bones budgets mean businesses want a source for electronic copies that’s fast, economical and worry-free.
    Two years ago, Brian Burke recognized the need and launched Buckaplan.com (www.buckaplan.com), a digital documentation service that was a natural extension of his reprographic business based in Waterbury, Connecticut. He charges clients just $1 for each electronic file they order (plus delivery). The idea caught on and he now has customers across the country.
    Burke says, “We’re filling a need for construction managers, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers and just about anyone in real estate. Our clients are under tremendous pressure to meet their deadlines and budgets.”
    One customer is Eric Army, an architect and principal at studioMEJA (www.studiomeja.com) in Edgewood, Rhode Island. Army says, “Brian’s service is pretty simple — you upload, he prints, he delivers. The most notable thing is that it’s reliable and I’ve never had a problem.”
    Army adds, “Our boutique architecture firm specializes in reviving urban spaces and helping mission-oriented organizations, as well as improving historic streetscapes. As a small, specialized operation, I need to automate as many procedures as possible so I can focus on design. I know I’ll get my plans from Brian extremely fast (usually next day) and at a great price, and without any more hassle than uploading a file.”
    Another long-time client is Amanda Magazzu, Office Manager for S & L Plumbing and Heating Corp. in Brewster, NY, (www.slplumbingheating.com). She says her company uses Buckaplan.com to order construction plans. “They print plans for projects that we bid, or copies of plans for projects that we already have. Our need isn’t about quantity, but rather it’s about turnaround time and multiple orders on a continuing basis as needed.”
    Magazzu notes, “Buckaplan is half the price of local printing companies. And even if orders are placed as late as 5:00 p.m., they arrive the next day. We can submit three different orders at the same time and receive all document files the next day with no confusion. We have never had an issue with Buckaplan. Brian is helpful and professional and the service is easy, punctual, and affordable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.”
    Burke says that if Buckaplan receive electronic files by 4:00 p.m., the client will have those plans in the next day’s UPS delivery anywhere in the U.S. Clients can send updated plans, bulletins or revisions to plans@buckaplan.com via email, I-phone, Android, Blackberry or tablet. Large files can be easily uploaded to the Buckaplan.com website.
    Burke says, “We can produce oversized (up to 36” x 48”) high quality documents working from industry standard .tif, .pdf and .dwf files. Using the same high-end equipment and processes we use in the reprographics business, we have the tools and experience to provide 100% satisfaction. It’s just $1 per plan or drawing plus next-day ground delivery rates. There are no hidden charges, no sign-on fees, no monthly charges, no file-processing fees. We also aim for no surprises,” Burke smiles.
    For more information, contact Brian Burke: 855-282-5275.
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    – By Stanley Hurwitz
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